What Are the Abortion Trends in Australia?

Abortion is legal in Australia, although abortion laws vary by state and territory. In 2021, states made headlines by passing pro-abortion laws and decreasing the legal protection of preborn children. 

Australians are concerned about the number of abortions increasing due to prenatal testing. Equipping life-affirming leaders in Australia is more important now than ever.

What Are the Abortion Laws in Australia?

All Australian states and territories allow abortion, although some have more restrictions than others, like exceptions on gestational limits. 

For example, Australian Capital Territory allows for abortions up to 16 weeks gestation. In Victoria, abortion is available up to 24 weeks gestation. It’s permitted later if two medical providers agree it’s appropriate. 

Decriminalizing Abortion

Recently, state legislation has been changing to treat abortion as a health issue rather than a criminal issue. Decriminalization measures include the Abortion Law Reform Act in Victoria (2008) and New South Wales (2019). In 2021, South Australia followed suit by passing the Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

Restricting Pro-Life Witness At Abortion Facilities

Abortion facilities across Australia restrict life-affirming advocates from peacefully offering help. In 2021, Western Australia joined the rest of the country in passing a safe access zone bill. The zones restrict pro-life activity within 150 meters of an abortion facility’s boundaries. 

Increasing Abortions After Prenatal Testing Results

In Australia, women have recently described feeling pressured into aborting their children after receiving a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. The situation is becoming so common that the director of the advocacy group Down Syndrome Australia calls it “shocking,” noting that doctors should provide families with information about support services.

How You Can Make a Difference

As someone who values the sanctity of all human life, you may be wondering what you can do. Whether you live in Canberra or across the globe from the Land Down Under, you can make a difference for preborn children. 

Donate today to reach women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. Together, we can change hearts and save lives.

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