Who We Serve

The populations we serve are women and families across the globe experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, we serve churches and ministries by coming alongside to help advance the cause of life.

We have seen the deep need for tangible resources to be allocated to women facing unplanned pregnancies in hundreds of countries. In many countries, abortion is the default option for women who become unexpectedly pregnant. With your support, we can bring education and relief to those who are unexpectedly pregnant.

Your gift can bring hope, light, and life to women in need.

Who We Work With

The populations we partner with are churches, pro-life ministries, and other Christian ministries that have a heart and commitment to life.

Often, there are many international churches, missionaries, and ministries that cannot afford services, training, or resources. The purpose of is to raise funds and awareness for those who are fighting to protect the unborn.

All around the world, lives are at risk. The lives that are currently most vulnerable need your attention and support. When you give to, you directly support those protecting life in countries where abortion is celebrated, promoted, and sometimes forced.

How You Can Help

In most countries worldwide, abortion is widely accessible and celebrated as a pregnancy option. Many women around the globe face unplanned pregnancies amid strenuous circumstances.

When you give, you promote the facilitation of SOHL packs and church training on how to use and administer SOHL packs. When you give, you are partnering with existing organizations to extend their reach and maximize their impact in their efforts to end abortion.