SOHL Packs

Taking Support to Wherever She Is

SOHL Packs are a complementary ministry tool created by our ministry partner SOHL Global to serve as the next level of intercession following the SOHL Care initiative. Through the SOHL Packs program, staff or volunteers are equipped with a ministry backpack filled with the necessary resources to provide life-affirming education and support for individuals, couples, or families in person.

SOHL Packs represent an intentional in-person program without the need for a building, office, or pregnancy center facility. A staff person, church member, or volunteer can be equipped with these SOHL Packs, allowing them to meet those in need at coffee shops, school campuses, or some other public facility.

These packs allow a church or nonprofit to have a stronger voice and influence for the cause of life by having in-person appointments. Education is always more effective when it comes with pictures and illustrations, which can be visually absorbed versus just hearing the words over a phone.

Although the focus is on serving women and families with unplanned pregnancies, a SOHL Pack can be equipped with the specific resources to help serve the populations where life is devalued.

SOHL Packs also come with training that equips staff, church leaders, or volunteers with counseling and life-affirming education skills. These skills will make working with the SOHL Packs more effective.