Church Trainings

Engaged Churches Save Lives

Church Engagement is a necessary factor in how successful the pro-life movement will be in fighting and ending abortion.  Our mission cannot be accomplished without engaged pastors and church members who will donate, advocate, and participate in the global work to save lives.

The Church must be empowered and equipped to reach and serve abortion-minded women in individual communities to see pro-life victory.

Life Equip Global

Our partnership with Life Equip Global allows us to connect with pastors and Church leaders internationally to provide support to abortion-minded women in their own communities.

Life Equip Global utilizes technology to multiply life-saving ministries globally by training pastors and Christian leaders to stand in the gap and help support women in choosing life. The result is believers around the world equipped to help save babies from abortion, heal women from past abortions, and see the lost won to Christ.

Life Advocate Training

Life Equip Global’s Life Advocate Training provides a live, interactive training experience online – for Christian pastors and leaders around the world – to equip them to help young women (and men) choose Christ for themselves and life for their babies.

This training is free, Bible-based, powerful, and effective.

We’re grateful to partner with Life Equip Global to fight the Global Abortion Holocaust and provide Christians around the world with the resources and training needed to reach abortion-minded women in their communities.