Carry One Another's Burdens

The mission of is to generate financial support for the programs and services that are advancing the Sanctity of Life. We believe the Sanctity of Life message is advanced faster and more effectively when we align and work together for the cause of life. Paul directs us to, “Come alongside and carry one another’s burdens” (Gal 6:2).

Sponsor SOHL Packs

Through the SOHL Packs program, staff or volunteers are equipped with a ministry backpack filled with the necessary resources to provide life-affirming education and support for individuals, couples, or families in person.

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Sponsor SOHL Care

Through the SOHL Care program, the local church or nonprofit group can provide online counseling, life-affirming education, support, and referrals to resources in their community.

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Sponsor the Mission

100% of your donations go directly into the Sanctity of Human Life cause to save the preborn around the world. Save Lives. Donate Now.

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life deserves protection.

Join us as we train and equip leaders around the globe to change the hearts and minds of men, women, families, and entire societies. Here is where you can truly help protect life. Your donations can provide:

  • SOHL Packs
  • SOHL Care Sites
  • SOHL Training
  • Outreach through church engagement