What Are the Abortion Trends in Africa?

The pregnancy rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are the highest of any region in the world. Pregnancies average 281 of every 1000 women per year. As followers of Christ, we are called to be protectors of devalued lives. Worldwide, preborn lives are continually devalued

In a continent with incredibly high pregnancy rates, it is imperative for the Body of Christ to fight for life. It is also imperative to understand the trends related to abortion, so we know what we are fighting against.

Legality of Abortion in Africa

Abortion is permitted in 44 of 54 African countries. Each country has variations of their abortion laws. Abortion is still widely accessible for most African women. Zambia, Cape Verde, South Africa, and Tunisia have the most liberal abortion laws. There is little to no restriction on abortion access whatsoever. Other countries have some variation of abortion restriction.

Abortion Statistics in Africa

In 2008, 13% of all pregnancies in Africa end in abortion. Since then, the average percentage of pregnancies ending in abortion has increased to 15%. This increase in abortion is troubling. The Sub-Saharan Africa’s pregnancy rate is the highest in the world.

In regions where poverty is abundant, abortion is still present and the complications increase as well. The number of women who die from abortion complications increases drastically, as poverty intensifies. 

All types of abortion pose a significant risk to women’s health. Despite the risks, most African countries are moving in a more liberal direction with their abortion laws.  Africa used to be a stronghold against abortion. It is becoming much more acceptive of the practice. 

In early 2021, the country of Benin in West Africa dropped their restrictions on abortion. Many predict that other African countries will follow in their footsteps, drastically increasing abortion access.

What You Can Do To Save Lives

Although the abortion trends throughout Africa seem grim, we serve a God of redemption, healing, and hope. As a follower of Christ, you are positioned to save the lives of African women and children with your words, talents, resources, and prayer. 

We invite you to pray for the legislators throughout Africa, that their eyes would be opened to the value of preborn life. Our mission is to generate financial support for the programs and services that are advancing the Sanctity of Life. We believe the Sanctity of Life message is advanced faster and more effectively when we align and work together for the cause of life. Paul directs us to, “Come alongside and carry one another’s burdens” (Gal 6:2). Will you join us in our fight for life in Africa and around the world?

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